Cody Murphy; Teaching Etiquette 

Cody Murphy is a passionate educator who believes a delightful atmosphere can create a positive learning environment and provide an opportunity for knowledge to be shared, this is an outlet for learning that everyone can benefit from. while the teaching industry is expanding, there is a need for instructors can interact and communicate with student effectively. Cody finds being an educator a very rewarding experience, knowing that you are positively affecting peoples lives in a way that can help them better their futures is a great feeling  

Cody's work experiments with topics of Delight, and themes of man vs. nature. working both sculptural and functional. Cody invites viewers into his work through the delicate balance of Entropy. Dynamic surfaces and organic forms are what excites his work. current works involve building processes such as wheel throwing, hand-building, slip-cast, and extrusions. Using these techniques to create pots and sculpture. Cody attempts to create a sense of joy for the viewer to become immersed in both visually and physically. Working through sculptures in the "round", that is sculpture that can be enjoyed from all sides, rather than having a top or a bottom, it has a reverse sides, creating movementu through emotion. In vessel work, Cody tries to challenge the formal qualities of "pottery", making visceral work, or using emotion to work rather than logic or reason.