Live Edge Artisan Gallery "Atmospheric Creations"  - Saturday November 5 2016

The Baltimore Gallery "the Last Word" Presented by Team Amphora Margo Butler + Cody Murphy- Saturday November 5 2016

Live Edge Artisan Gallery "Unrelated Segments"-Saturday September 10 2016

Live Edge Artisan Gallery "Homage To Nature" - Friday June 22 2016

Live Edge Artisan Gallery Grand Opening- 2016

Senior Exhibition Opening CCS- 2016

"Illusions of Earth"- Duo Exhibition 2016 CCS U245 Gallery 

Michigan Ceramic Arts Association, Henry Ford Academy - 2015 Exhibitor

"Static" CCS U245 Student Gallery- 2015 

Noel Night in Detroit CCS Vendor- 2015

CCS U245 Student Gallery-2012

Reology- Craft store romeo Michigan- 2011


Cody is all about the joys in life, seeking the delights that nature has to offer and bringing into his work. With teaching Cody seeks that sense of joy and delight to be experienced in the classroom.

Teaching Philosophy

                I want to be a teacher because I I’ve always enjoyed working with others in an educational settings. Teaching is providing an outlet for people to learn and share ideas with others and Is great for the mind to always be learning. Because it’s not just kids and people younger than you that are capable of learning. It’s for anyone who wants to expand their horizons. Also teaching as a profession is doing very well in the country, and people need teachers who understand how to use the teaching element effectively. Being an educator is also a very rewarding experience, knowing that you have a positive effect on many individuals, and it feels great.

                I enjoy working with kids, because we have so much to learn from each other. They’re also much more difficult to teach than adults. Kids have a view of the world that’s still very naïve, and simple. Being able to help kids learn and understand is very important for cognitive thinking. And providing a positive environment for them allows for healthy interactions throughout the day. It also allows them to have a positive outlook on stress.

                Being seen as a mentor is very important to me, not because teaching makes me feel proud, but because I feel sound and confident when I teach. Teaching is an art in itself, because you have to be used to being judged at any moment and be able to defend your position. The most important thing about teaching grade school kids is the daily interaction that is to be had with them. This can be important in effective knowledge retention. An effective teacher can also help kids build valuable life skills such as memorization and problem solving skills.

When challenged to memorize things, a person’s comprehension skills can continually increase. Simple things are also the easiest way to set the foundation of learning. While at the same time adding more difficult challenges gives time to understand that you need to keep improving.  At the same time this creates ambitions and dreams that can be building blocks.

Being an educator is very important to me, because kids are very important for our futures.  Teaching is providing an outlet for learning and the opportunity to expand one’s mind. And everybody can benefit from learning because it can help to widen horizons. The teaching industry is expanding because of the need for more qualified instructors who understand how to interact effectively. Being mentor is a very rewarding experience, knowing that you are affecting people’s lives in a way that can help them go farther and be greater in their futures.



Live edge Artisan Gallery 



Live Edge Artisan Gallery Resident 2016 

Director Boy Scouts National Camp School- 2015

Camp Munhacke Cub Scout Resident Camp 2013-2015

College for Creative Studies Undergraduate program- 2012-present

Respite Caregiver-2012-2015

Eagle Scout- 2011

D-bar-A Scout Ranch 2009-2013

Camp Agawam- 2007-2009

Mount St Clemens Bible Study summer- 2005-2006


themes of work

Nature- organic and gestural Forms excite Cody

Entropy- The amount of disorder in a system 









Form gives hints to how an artist makes their work, color tells us how they interact with their work. the viewer is invited into an occupied space, becoming enveloped in delight. Familiar forms in the round, exposed coils, a horizontal pattern is created through process. Only to be interrupted by swirls of glaze and ribbons of color that help to merge the boundaries of art and craft. Useless cylinders and round bellied baskets, alternating coil built forms occupy the spaces. a love of abstract expressionism thrusts color and form together leaving a confused and hectic surface infused with form 

Tension between form and color

Contrast can be key when making Art work, and several themes come to mind when Cody is developing work, most recently the topic of Color Vs. Form. The form of the object is what the eye sees first, it lays tbhe ground work for our first impression. Form both occupies and contains the physical space, while color can affect the atmosphere of the space. color convey emotions bringing the viewer deeper into the work, and can separate craft from art. Often adding a sense of spontaneity to a piece

Void- the space contained

The mass of an object takes up space, the volume of an object stores space. An empty vessel contains a void, a space where anything is possible

Organic,gestural,figurative, visceral

These are words that describe spontaneous works of art, but objects don't form from nothing. they are willed into being by the artist themselves. intuition often leads my Ideas in the physical world, through this I can work Viscerally. Often during the building process marks are left on the work, from the touch of the hand squeezing the clay, to stitch patterns of the canvas tabletop. These marks are proof of the artists making, and leave a unique history in each piece, a quality that can be shared between organic, gestural, figurative, and visceral themes 

Transforming and defining a space

A work of art physically occupies a space, the dimensions of the space plus the artwork define the atmosphere. The relationship between the space and the work are key, too much work and the space becomes busy, too little work and the space is lonely. when defining a space it is important to fulfill the needs of the relationships between wall and floor. this allows the work to be present in the real world, wile transporting the viewer into the "Artists World". While inside the artists realm of color and delight, it is important to not break anything. For the magic of the world will be stunted as a result.


Tension builds excitement, a dynamic sculpture takes contrast into consideration. variation of form and color make up an interesting composition, without it the work is modest and the eye is left unchallenged, leaving a stagnant experience. a thrilling piece of art implies intent of the artist and authority of the material.


Simple is Supreme, when starting a new project, a great way to approach your ideas is to "KISS" them